Creativity Can Move More Than You Think
Yard Glider loads easier, hauls more, dumps faster and stores in less space than carts. Outlasts tarps.

Creativity Can Move More Than You Think

Creativity and ingenuity can accomplish a lot, and when it comes to hauling stuff, that creativity can help you move a lot more than you thought possible with a lot less equipment than you would expect.

I ran across this entry on Green Tractor Talk from 2016. This was several years before Yard Glider was founded, so the author of the post was not talking about us. But, the concept is applicable for anyone considering a Yard Glider or pursuing their own DIY version.

If you are creative enough, small tractors can also do the same work as the big ones. The log arch and hay bale mover provided Treefarmer are great examples. I had several bizarre little gadgets like that which I built to compensate for my tractor’s shortcomings. You don’t need a loader to move rocks if you have a strong lever and a stone boat. I moved rocks that would give a 5Series a run for its money without the need for a loader, let alone a grapple bucket. – Click here to read the full post from Evergreen on Green Tractor Talk

Modern Day Stone Boat

Back in the day, farmers used stone boats for hauling heavy loads. Stone boats were often made from heavy beams and timbers, making them extremely durable, but also very heavy. Yard Gliders are based on the stone boat concept, but are designed to be lighter, more flexible and capable of being rolled for shipping.

More Durable and More Capable Than A Tarp

Lots of people haul stuff with tarps, and so have we. But tarps tear up way too fast and tarps can’t handle much weight. Our Yard Glider polymers combined with our patent pending pull bar give Yard Gliders the strength to haul up to 1,500 or 2,500 pounds depending on the model.

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