Hauling logs with and without straps on a Yard Glider 5×36 (our smallest Yard Glider)

Depending on the load type, load size and terrain, a load hauled on a Yard Glider may or may not need straps. Most of the loads we haul don’t require straps, and when they do, we typically strap across the top of the load. But, a Yard Glider customer shared this strapping method with us a few days ago. Our customer was hauling logs similar to the ones in this video, and he wrapped around the logs with a ratchet strap.

There are at least 2 options with this method. Option 1 uses the straps attached to the eye bolts on the Yard Glider. Option 2 only wraps around the logs and doesn’t attach to the Yard Glider. Bottom line, there are more ways to strap a load that we can count, but we thought this method was worth sharing.

This video uses a Yard Glider 5×36. This is our smallest Yard Glider, but even at 5′ x 36″, it still moves a lot of heavy material with minimal lifting. 

Patent Pending. Made in USA