Who we are

Our website address is: www.YardGlider.com. We use browsing data from our website to improve your experience on our site. We DO NOT share or sell any browsing data or personal information from our site.

We DO NOT send unsolicited emails or add your email to any 3rd party mailing list.

By default our checkout page says that we use your info for “other purposes”. We DO NOT use your information for any other purposes.

Here is what we do with your information:

Improve your web experience

Provide a chat option during your website visits

Provide a safe and secure checkout with either Stripe (one of the world’s largest credit card processors) or PayPal.

Ship your products.

Email you with updates about your order and your shipping.

If you opt-in to receiving product emails, we may at some point send you information about new Yard Glider products, features and special offers. This is an optional opt-in feature at checkout.