Features & Benefits

Yard Gliders and Game Gliders are built to last. Our Gliders are made from highly durable polymers. They are flexible, but they are nothing like vinyl, canvas or a tarp. Yard & Game Gliders are intended to provide season after season of use. 

Load Easy – Ground level design saves your back, and allows loading without lifting.

Haul Easy – By hand or with equipment (mower, zero-turn, tractor, 4-wheeler, pack animals, jeep/suv/truck, 3-wheeler, etc.). Always follow equipment manufacturer guidelines for towing limitations and weight restrictions.

Dump Easy – Loads slide right off.

Season After Season of Use – Outperforms carts and outlasts tarps.

Features & Benefits:

  • Save Your Back & Load Without Lifting
  • Easy to Store – Park on it.
  • Save Trailer Space – Carts take trailer space. Yard Glider takes no space.
  • Highly Durable – Metal bends and dents. Tarps tear with a single use. Yard Gliders withstand repeated heavy use, and is UV resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant.
  • Slick – Slides over nearly anything in your yard, including: grass, sand, dirt, gravel, sticks, roots, pine cones, pavers, driveways, walkways, wet ground, dry ground, and more.
  • Reversible – Glide and haul on either side.
  • Light – So easy to handle, you can pull small loads by hand.
  • Pull With Nearly Anything – No trailer hitch? No problem. Yard Glider attaches to nearly any strong pull point, with your rope, chain, cable or tow straps.
  • Multi-Purpose Handles – Integrated handles don’t stick up, so you won’t trip over them. Handles double as anchor points for load straps.
  • Tough – Other than fire or heat from EXTREME friction with pressure, the Yard Guard is designed to take a serious beating.
  • Pull Cord(s) (optional) – Pull with your own rope, cable, chain or tow straps.
  • Flexible – Part of the Yard Glider strength comes from its ability to flex and absorb impact.
  • Built to Last – There are no tires to go flat or dry rot. There are no gears or bearings to wear out.
  • Large Load Capacity – Yard Gliders can hold multiple cart loads (12 cu. ft. cart) of leaves in one load. For mixed loads, like branches, there is almost no limit to how much a Yard Glider will hold.
  • Strap Compatible – If your load needs straps, we provided lots of anchor points.