Strongest Duty Yard Gliders

Strongest duty Yard Gliders are extra thick for heavy commercial, farm and home use. Made in USA

  • X8
  • X10
  • Dual End
Dual End
Material3/16" Thick UHMW3/16" Thick UHMW3/16" Thick UHMW
Length X Width48" x 90"48" x 114"48" x 108"
Weight Capacity2,500 lbs2,500 lbs2,500 lbs
Pull Bars1 pull bar on 1 end1 pull bar on 1 end2 pull bars 1 on each end
Handles3 per side4 per side4 per side
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3/16″ x 48″
x 90″


3/16″ x 48″
x 114″

Strongest Duty (2 Pull Bars) Yard Gliders

Strongest duty DUAL Yard Gliders feature a pull bar on both ends for use as a sling to winch material up steep terrain or for winching material on and off of a trailer.


3/16″ x 48″
x 98″