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Yard Glider® YG10 Dual is our largest, entry level Yard Glider® and has 2 pull bars, one on each end. Made from 1/8″ HPDE, the YG10 is in our STRONG category, and is perfect for most home use and light commercial or farm use when hauling over grass, roots, dirt, sand, mud, snow and ice. YG10 outworks and outlasts tarps, and hauls more than most lawn carts. Easy to load, easy to haul, easy to dump and easy to store.

Dual End: 2 pull bars allows for winching loads onto and off of a trailer. The rear pull bar can be used to create sling shape for winching loads up a steep slope. The rear pull bar also creates an edge on the back of the Yard Glider® that can help secure the load when hauling over hilly terrain.

Use: Home or light commercial or light farm use

Dimensions: 1/8″ x 48″ x 108″

Capacity: 1,750 lbs, 38 Sq. Ft., 77 Cu. Ft.

Material: 1/8″ HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Made in USA. US Patent 11,858,764

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Category: STRONG

Strong because it is made from 1/8" HDPE. This is STRONG enough to handle most homeowner hauling, but not as strong as our STRONGER 1/8 UHMW or our STRONGEST 3/16" UHMW models.

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What is HDPE?

As one of the most versatile plastic materials around, HDPE plastic is used in a wide variety of applications, including plastic bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, cutting boards, and piping. Known for its outstanding tensile strength and large strength-to-density ratio, HDPE plastic has a high-impact resistance and melting point.

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Built for hauling over grass, roots, sand, dirt, mud, snow and ice. Not recommend for extended distance on gravel, pavement or asphalt.

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YG10 Capacity

Weight: 1,750 lbs
Volume: 77 cu. ft.
Area: 38 sq. ft.

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YG8 Dimensions

1/8" Thick
48" Wide
114" Long
24 Pounds

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Handles & Tie Downs

The YG8 has 6 integrated handles (3 per side). The handles double as anchor points for tie downs.

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Fully Assembled

Yard Gliders ship fully assembled, just unroll, flatten and start hauling.

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Made in USA

We are based in the USA, and manufacture all Yard Gliders in Northwest Florida.

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Ships From Florida

We ship UPS ground from the Florida panhandle.

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Pull Bar

Has 1 pull bar thermoformed into the leading edge of the Yard Glider. This design makes the leading pull edge incredibly strong and helps to distribute the pulling force. Pull bar is fitted with 2 eye bolts, for quick attachment to rope, chain, or pull cables.

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Stuff It Hauls

The imagination is almost the only limit to what a Yard Glider can haul, but here are some example of what we have hauled, and what our customers from around the world are hauling. Yard debris, storm cleanup, branches, logs, mulch, dirt, hay bales, manure, feed, wild game, bulky objects, playgrounds, dog houses, equipment, washers and dryers, refrigerators, brick pavers, sod, and so much more

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Haul It With

Mower, tractor, golf cart, atv, utv, pack animal, 2wd motor cycle, skid steer, jeep, truck and more. Lighter loads can also be pulled by hand.

Pull Cables

Do you need pull cables?

Because you can pull a Yard Glider with any strong rope, chain, cable or tow straps, we make pull cables optional. But, our pull cables are awesome! We make a dual cable system with two 48″ galvanized 1/4″ cables. Each cable has a large loop on one end for dropping over a hitch or hook, or pulling by hand. We also include 4 quick attach clips for additional attachment options. Made in USA.


Other Important Information

50 States, Canada & Australia

Yard Gliders are being used in all 50 states, Canada and Austraila to make moving all kinds of material easier. Be sure to check out our Features & Benefits page for lots more information and suggested uses.

Stone Boat, Tarps, Car/Truck Hoods, Plywood, & Truck Bed Liners

Yard Glider is a modern day version of the stone boats farmers used to use. We just made them lighter, more flexible, easier to maneuver and capable of shipping via UPS instead of LTL Freight. As for tarps, they don’t last and they can’t handle the weight. Car/Truck hoods are heavy, sharp and unsightly to have hanging around after you use them. Plywood is heavy and gets waterlogged. Our favorite DIY option is the center section of a truck bed liner. The material is very similar to a Yard Glider.

Following Equipment Guidelines for Towing

Always follow manufacturer guidelines for the towing limitations of any machine you are using to pull a Yard Glider. Do not exceed manufacturer recommendations.

Don’t Let People Ride

Not intended for transporting people. Do not ride or pull anyone on a Yard Glider.