About Us

It all started with us, Eddy and William. We are just 2 friends who enjoy working hard, working fast and working as efficiently as possible. We needed a better way to do yard cleanup. The old “tarp drag” system works, but tarps fray, and tear and snag. Wheelbarrows are too small. Carts are ok, but they require too much bending. We are both too old to be bending over all day.

Along came the idea for the Yard Glider®.

It couldn’t be made of metal. Metal is too sharp and too heavy. Metal dents too easily and is not resilient enough for repeated, heavy duty use.

It couldn’t be made of any normal plastic or vinyl. A plastic or vinyl soft enough to be absorb the shock would tear up to quickly. A plastic or vinyl hard enough to handle the friction and the weight, would be too brittle.

And then, whatever it is made of, metal, plastic or vinyl, would have to withstand the elements…UV, heat, cold, water, etc.

We found that a plastic with a high enough molecular weight, would provide the strength, resilience, and ruggedness required to meet our demands, and would be strong enough that Eddy couldn’t tear it up. 

We have used the Yard Glider® for our own jobs and most recently to help family, friends and neighbors clean up from Hurricane Sally. We are even still using the original prototype, and plan to use it for many years to come.

We are excited that you are considering purchasing a Yard Glider®. From personal experience, we know you will love it.

Use it once and it will change the way you do yard work forever!

If you haven’t read the story of Eddy trying to break the prototype, be sure to read it in our blog.

Yard Glider® US Patent 11,858,764.