Pull Cables – 1/4″ Galvanized Cable


IMPORTANT NOTE: Our cable pull cords are OPTIONAL! You can pull a Yard Glider with nearly any strong cable, rope, chain or straps. You do not have to buy our cables to pull a Yard Glider. These are optional cables added at the request of numerous Yard Glider customers.

1 Pull Cable Order Includes:

  • Two, 1/4″ Galvanized Steel Cables, single leg eye & thimble cables
  • Four, 5/16″ Zinc Plated Quick Links

Suggested Uses:

  • Loop around a trailer hitch
  • Pull by hand (for lighter loads)
  • Use 1 quick link to attach to a strong pull point on your equipment
  • Use 2 quick links to attach to 2 strong pull points on each side of your equipment