Yard Glider – Perfect for Small Landscape Vehicles

Yard Glider – Perfect for Small Landscape Vehicles

Landscape trucks and trailers can fill up fast, making a Yard Glider a perfect addition for all landscape vehicles, small or large.

Store & Transport in Less Space

Yard Gliders are easy to store and easy to transport. You can store them on the floor and park equipment on them, or put them on the floor of a trailer and park your gear on them. You can lean them against a wall. You can hang them from the eye bolts. You can curl them around equipment to fit in the available space. If you have multiple crews on the same job, Yard Gliders can be stacked for transport.

Yard Gliders allow you to expand your capabilities without sacrificing storage or hauling space.

Load Easy

Yard Glider Customer PhotoYard Gliders load at ground level, so a lot of loads can roll on, tip on, slide on and load without lifting. Yard Gliders have integrated handles that double as anchor points for easy strapping of taller loads.

Haul More

Yard Gliders can handle a lot of weight, between 1,500 and 2,500 pounds, depending on the model. With no axle weight limitations, Yard Gliders outperform carts.

Built to Last

Yard Gliders are made from extremely tough polymers that are built for high friction and high impact applications. Yard Gliders won’t shred like a tarp.Yard Gliders are built to last and built for hard work.

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