Yard Glider – Extreme (limited edition)



Extreme Duty Yard Gliders are 1/4″ thick for increased durability in rougher terrain and when dealing with heavy loads over grass, roots, sand, dirt, mud, snow and ice. Ideal for heavy loads and frequent use over rough terrain for commercial, residential, farm, ranch and more. Select from 2 different models, including the XX10 Dual that features a pull bar on each end, allowing it to be used as a sling for winching material up steep banks.

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  • Yard Glider XX10 – $399
  • 114″L x 48″W, 2,500+ lb. capacity, 38 Sq. Ft., 77 Cu. Ft.
  • Material: 1/4″ thick UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)


  • Yard Glider XX10 DUAL – $449 – Sold Out
  • 108″L x 48″W, 2,500+ lb. capacity, 36 Sq. Ft., 72 Cu. Ft.
  • Material: 1/4″ thick UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)


Optional Pull Cables: Yard Gliders come with pre-installed eye bolts. You can attach any strong pull cords, chain, rope or cable to the eye bolts. We do offer a set of galvanized pull cables as an optional purchase. Click here to view our cables.

Straps: Yard Gliders have integrated handles that serve as anchor points for straps. You can use rope, bungee cords, bungee net, ratchet straps, etc. for loads that need strapping. At this time, we do not sell straps.

Yard Gliders are being used in all 50 states and Canada to make moving all kinds of material easier. Be sure to check out our Features & Benefits page for lots more information and suggested uses.

Always follow manufacturer guidelines for the towing limitations of any machine you are using to pull a Yard Glider. Do not exceed manufacturer recommendations.

Not intended for transporting people. Do not ride or pull anyone on a Yard Glider.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 90 × .125 in
Select a Size

Yard Glider XX10 (38 Sq. Ft.) – $399, Yard Glider XX10 DUAL (36 Sq. Ft.) – $449